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Flange Alignment Tools from Wrenchouse

Titan Flange Aligning Tools are safe, fast, and an effective way to align any flanges, and flange bolt holes. The tool's patented tapered shaft eliminates the need for hammering and pounding on the flange.

Flange Alignment pins are sold as stand alone tools or in sets.

Simply find a bolt hole that is some what aligned enough for the
tapered end of the shaft to fit through and turn the bolt head.

If it's necessary, the operator can use a second flange aligning pin on the opposite side of the flange and rotate until the bolt holes are aligned. Once the holes are aligned simply slide in the flange bolts and torque to the  proper rating.

  • To determine which Flange Aligning Tool to use on certain flange/series go to our SELECTION GUIDE page.


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